Welcome to Savage Sailor.

  • Ever stood in a sea of T-shirts, yet found none that truly spoke to the sailor's soul? That was my world before Savage Sailor. As a US Navy Vet, I scoured through endless aisles, online and off, searching for that perfect T-shirt that echoed the sailor’s spirit – resilient, proud, and brave. It wasn’t just about finding the right comfort and fit; it was about finding a piece that resonated with our unique experiences, our unspoken bond. Faced with empty hands but a heart full of determination, I decided it was time to steer my own ship. Savage Sailor was born out of a necessity, a personal quest to fill that void, to create something that wasn't just worn, but felt. Every design we craft carries the essence of the sea, the courage of sailors, and the pride of the Navy, tailored specifically for those who have been part of this indomitable journey.

  • From the seas to the skies, I've lived a tale few can claim. As a proud US Navy Vet, I not only traveled the world with my fellow sailors, but I ultimately embraced the adrenaline-pumping life of a test parachutist, where every jump was a leap of faith and courage. My journey was not just about defying gravity; it was about testing limits and embodying resilience. At Savage Sailor, every T-shirt we design carries this spirit of adventure, determination, and unparalleled bravery. Our mission? To bring you apparel that's not just a piece of fabric, but a badge of honor, celebrating the Savage Sailor in you. Dive into our collection and wear your courage on your sleeve.